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Short Code

SMS texting is a convenient way to chat with your customers. The problem with SMS communication is requiring customers to remember drawn-out phone numbers. In a world of on-the-go living, your customers don’t have the time to dial a full ten-digit phone number.

That’s why SMS short codes are so popular. Learn more about text short codes and how you can use them in your business.

What’s a short code?

In the U.S., an SMS short code is a string of numbers that’s 5 – 6 digits long. Brands use short codes to text with their customers in lieu of a ten-digit phone number.

Short code is most common with automated texting services, like DialMyCalls. Short codes typically require your customer to send a command word to a short code, kicking off an automated sequence of actions with the customer.

For example, a brand using SMS short codes might tell their customers, “Text ‘AWESOME’ to 80123 for awesome news every Friday.” In this example, 80123 is the short code that kicks off an automated SMS sequence.

As a brand, you’ll have to cooperate with other brands to ensure you have a short code unique to your campaign. When you partner with DialMyCalls, you get access to our shortcode, 80123, to speed up the process.

Brands commonly use SMS short codes to verify customer information, send coupons, text order updates, and even solicit donations.

Benefits of SMS short codes

  1. More convenient: They may be a few digits shorter than a phone number, but customers still see SMS short codes as more convenient.

  2. Subscription features: SMS short codes can be used to subscribe your customers to services. Add more value to your bottom line with convenient subscription options through short codes.

  3. Unique: Short codes are unique to each brand operator, so you don’t have to worry about another company using your unique number.

  4. Do Not Call list compatible: When a customer replies “STOP” to the short code number, they will automatically be filtered into the Do Not Call list. Once they reply again with the command word (which opts them back in), they are automatically added back to the list.

Your brand’s future is important. Boost your bottom line by making customer communication immediate, convenient, and affordable with an SMS short code service like DialMyCalls.