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Communications Glossary

SMS Broadcast

SMS broadcasts offer the capability of contacting hundreds to thousands of people via text messaging. Unlike traditional voice broadcasts, a text message is a brief message that gets right to the point and can be instantly read by the recipient. SMS broadcasts also offer the ability to create custom keywords to build opt-in lists for religious groups, sports leagues, small companies and large corporate organizations. In addition to a quick form of communication and customizable keywords, SMS broadcasts give recipients the ability to instantly reply to the message that they received.

DialMyCalls offers web-based SMS broadcasts with the ability to add a customizable keyword and two-way text messaging (ability to receive text replies). Setting up an SMS broadcast is as easy as signing up for an account, adding a list of contacts, typing out your text message, and then sending it out to all of your contacts instantly.

Purchasing a keyword is a great way to create a contact list of people who would like to receive text message updates from you. Simply tell church members, employees or customers to “Text ‘YOURKEYWORD’ to 80123” and they will be added to your own personal contact list in your DialMyCalls account. From that point on you now have their permission to send them updates via SMS broadcasts.

Two-Way texting is an additional monthly charge that gives DialMyCalls members the ability to read replies that their SMS broadcast recipients send back. Once a reply is received, the DialMyCalls customer can then reply back from their online control panel at no additional charge.

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