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SMS Broadcast

When a customer opts in to SMS messaging, you’ll be able to contact them via SMS. With an SMS broadcast, you can contact thousands of people on your list via SMS automatically.

DialMyCalls offers a web-based SMS broadcast software that helps you communicate quickly with your list. We can even add customized keywords and two-way messaging to receive customer replies. Use our portal to reply quickly to customers directly from your control panel.

With an SMS broadcast, you just upload your contacts to our software, type your message, and click send.

Many businesses combine SMS broadcasting with customized keywords and shortcodes. For example, you can tell customers, “Text ‘APPLE; to 80123 for your free download.” In this case, APPLE is the keyword and 80123 is the short code. This automatically enrolls the customer in SMS broadcasts.


The benefits of sending SMS broadcasts

Send high volumes of messages quickly:

You don’t need to manually text customers with our SMS broadcasting system. Just click “send” to communicate with thousands of people in seconds.

Schedule messages:
You don’t need to send the message right away, though. Plan ahead by selecting a date and time to send your message.

SMS broadcasts don’t have to be one-way. You can use them to receive replies from your customers. This is great if you need a quick yes or no from your list.

Don’t do manual texting. Partner with DialMyCalls to send thousands of texts in the blink of an eye. Learn more about how our SMS broadcasting works.