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9 Best Church Apps in 2024 (Compared & Ranked)

9 Best Church Apps in 2024 (Compared & Ranked)

It’s no news that churches today have started adopting the trends of our tech-savvy world. And for a good reason, too. Unfortunately, this only increases the need for top-notch church apps which are accessible and easy to use.

In an age where church apps are as common as the churches themselves, finding the right software can be challenging. But the good news is that the best church app for you might just be a few reads away. With that said, join us as we explore and compare the 9 best church apps for 2024.

Why Invest in an App for Your Church?

Why Invest in an App for Your Church?

As time passes, more and more aspects of our world are getting digitized, including church services. This digitization demands that churches keep up with technological trends, which enables them to reach more people and increase their accessibility.

With that said, investing in church apps is one sure way to keep up with trends as they come by. They increase your church’s visibility, improve your communication with attendees, and boost the interactivity of your services.

Not to mention, mobile apps for churches have features tailored to make parts of service much easier to coordinate. For instance, church phone apps have features that make giving and sharing the sermon of the service easier.

Furthermore, church applications enable you to keep track of service attendance and manage the order of service adequately. Safe to say, in this digital age, a church app is more of a requirement for churches than a luxury.

Best Church Apps

DialMyCalls - One Call Now Alternatives

1. DialMyCalls

If you’re looking for a church application with a versatile range of services, DialMyCalls is the perfect option for you. This mobile software is a mass texting service that enables you to send messages to a wide audience within seconds.

DialMyCalls is best for sending sermons, bible passages, and even song lyrics to service attendees. What makes it such a great church app is the fact that it uses text messages as its primary form of information transfer. And since you can send, receive, and read texts within seconds to minutes, it makes for a fast and effective information channel.

However, the usefulness of DialMyCalls goes far beyond just sending text messages. You can send emails to both church members and the administration. You can also hold calls for meetings and online services using the app.

Additionally, this software compiles reports containing the number of recipients reached. Thus, this enables you to track your attendance and get insights to help you send more effective messages if necessary.

DialMyCalls is ranked among the best Church apps because it offers numerous features alongside flexibility and versatility. Plus, it all goes for affordable pricing plans starting at $6.47 for the Standard plan monthly.


  1. Personalized messages
  2. Accessible hotline
  3. Voice broadcasting
  4. Church phone notification system
  5. Integration with other software

Personalized Messages

Church Prayer Request Text - DialMyCalls

Maintaining people’s engagement during church services can be challenging, especially because they use their phones in service. However, while this might seem like an issue at first, you can harness it to build their involvement in the service. And the best way to do this is by using personalized messages or variable messaging.

The good news is, apart from sending generic bulk messages, DialMyCalls allows you to personalize them to suit each recipient. This means church members are less likely to mistake your messages for spam texts and are more likely to open them. With these personalized messages, you can send bible texts, sermon notes, and even links for giving to the attendees.

Accessible Hotline

Accessibility is one critical factor that determines how far your reach will go. For churches, an excellent way to improve accessibility is by setting up a hotline. This could either be a prayer hotline or a platform for testimonies and announcements.

With DialMyCalls, you have access to a vanity phone number system that both current and new church members can reach. Even better, it takes barely minutes to set it up. Once it’s ready to go, you can receive prayer requests, testimonies, or announcements either through real-time calls or voicemail.

Voice Broadcasting

At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss the importance of voice broadcasts during or after church services. However, these broadcasts are vital for passing information quickly and efficiently both to church members and administrators.

DialMyCalls offers a voice broadcasting service that allows you to record an audio message and send it to your recipients. This could come in handy when announcing emergency meetings or passing out important announcements. And you can use it to get insights into how the service was from church attendees’ points of view.

Church Phone Notification System

As a mass texting service, DialMyCalls operates with a powerful phone notification system that allows you to send calls, texts, and emails promptly. So, it’s perfect for emergency notifications during service or for simpler tasks like sharing bible texts.

Keep Your Congregation Engaged

Use SMS and Phone Calls to Strengthen Your Ministry

DialMyCalls’ phone notification system works with excellent contact management, which enables you to group your contacts. In turn, this allows you to reach specific people or send sensitive information safely. At the end of the information transfer system, DialMyCalls provides a detailed report to help you track the reach of your message.

Integration With Other Software

To improve its efficiency further, DialMyCalls can integrate with other platforms like AcuityScheduling, Slack, and Google Calendar.

These integrations allow the platform to carry out various functions, from scheduling meetings to setting reminders for church services. In addition, its integration with other software makes it easier to communicate with other members of the church administration. Thus making the process easier, quicker, and more effective. - Best Church Apps


What makes stand out amongst the best church apps today is how seamlessly it makes the giving process. Basically, is part of a suite with other external features that enable users to create their own website and establish a church management system.

Its auxiliary features also enable church members to access bible verses, sermon notes, and prayer points. Plus, its cool features are quite easy to navigate.

However, the catch with is that it doesn’t offer a live-streaming service, and it relies heavily on third-party apps to a large degree. Now, while this might not be the most efficient, if you need a giving platform, is a great option.’s pricing plans start at $89 monthly for just the app. But if you want to get the entire suite, it would cost an additional $30.


  1. Online giving
  2. Push notifications
  3. Group messaging
  4. Branded website

Aware3 - Best Church Apps

3. Aware3

Compared to other church apps, Aware3 focuses on interaction with church members. To achieve this optimum interaction, it offers ways to connect, communicate, and offer generosity to church members.

The app also enables users to learn about the app’s working structure by scheduling a demonstration with Aware3 staff. This process occurs before you actually start to use the app, so you know their way around.

Aware3 offers 2-way communication between church staff and other staff and with church members. It also creates a medium for in-app donations and sharing sermon notes.

Its pricing plan starts at $69 a month, billed annually. This plan is only available for churches with a 150 attendance count or less. So, if your church has a bigger attendance, you have to opt for the basic plan with $148 or the standard plan with $219 monthly.


  1. Push notifications
  2. Chat feature
  3. Live polls
  4. Text and web giving

Go Church App - Best Church Apps

4. Go Church App

The last thing you want from a church app is excessive complexity, especially for new and small churches. Not only does it make it much more difficult to navigate, but it reduces its accessibility as well. The good news is that Go Church App is the go-to choice for simple, easy-to-operate church mobile apps.

The platform allows you to communicate with church members through messages and emails. It is equipped with push notifications for high open rates, fast delivery, and customized messages. Plus, you can access a walkthrough with the founder to show you the ropes.

Even better, the Go Church App allows churches to share videos, schedule events online, and carry out online giving.

Pricing for this service starts at $57 monthly. But you can purchase the one-time basic setup for $397 and the FULL setup for $997.


  1. Push notifications
  2. Event scheduling
  3. Website linking
  4. Email forms for surveys or registration

Pushpay - Best Church Apps

5. Pushpay

Online giving is one of the most challenging parts of a church service. Most times, church members hardly understand the steps to giving or donating, especially when they’re only displayed on the screen for a few seconds. Thankfully, Pushpay takes care of that.

Pushpay focuses primarily on church giving, ensuring the process is seamless and easy to track. The application also functions to boost digital engagement using customizable software and an easy-to-navigate user interface. Pushpay also takes pride in securing its users’ data properly using external auditing software.

To get the custom church app, you must subscribe to either Pushpay’s Advanced or Complete plans. But to see the actual product pricing, you need to contact the company directly.


  1. Online giving
  2. Location-based notifications
  3. Message reminders
  4. Event scheduling

Subsplash - Best Church Apps

6. Subsplash

With 14 years of experience in church engagement, Subsplash stands among the best church apps yet. This platform created the first church app in 2009, and since then, it has been working hard to uphold its image.

Subsplash brings church engagement, effective communication, and custom app creation to the table. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s equipped with tools for streaming, digital giving, and media hosting.

Not to mention, it offers a wide storage space of up to 1TB for media. With Subsplash, you can send sermon notes to church members, integrate the bible with audio, and download podcasts and audio for offline listening.

All of these features go for a price starting at $99 per month. You can also pay a one-time fee of $499 for the setup.


  1. Push notifications
  2. Offline listening
  3. Large media storage
  4. Calendars
  5. Live streaming

SecureGive - Best Church Apps

7. SecureGive

SecureGive is one of the leading names in online giving and is trusted by large churches. Although it isn’t the simplest church app to navigate, you can curb the complexity by scheduling a demo of the platform.

Using both user engagement and fundraising strategies, SecureGive makes online giving for churches a breeze. Additionally, it accepts cryptocurrency amongst other media for giving. And with the integration of texts, church members can give to the church by simply sending a message.

SecureGive has pricing plans starting at $149 for the Basic Kiosk Plan.


  1. Multi-giving system
  2. Giving campaigns
  3. Kiosks for giving
  4. Enterprise security

Sharefaith - Best Church Apps

8. Sharefaith

If you’re focused on the look of your church app, which would boost your users’ experience, you should check out Sharefaith. This platform offers a full suite of church-based services tailored to ease up the church digitization process.

With Sharefaith, you have access to church video loops, graphics, and church marketing material that can improve your digital presence. In addition, it has worship presentation software, tools for bible study, and giving services.

To top it off, you can carry out live streams, event planning and scheduling, sermon sharing, and blog posting.

Sharefaith’s pricing plans start at $72 per month, billed annually, or $80 billed monthly. Plus, they don’t charge for starting up your app, so it can help you save costs.


  1. Push notifications
  2. Event scheduling
  3. Live streaming
  4. Audio and video recording
  5. Blogs and newsletter publishing

Appy Pie - Best Church Apps

9. Appy Pie

Traditionally, Appy Pie is a no-code platform suited for a variety of industries, including churches. The best part is you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience with coding.

It has a drag-and-drop feature that enables you to transfer the data you want straight into a particular source with ease. Plus, you can integrate your site with chatbots or livechat so you can communicate with church members.

You can also set up automation and triggers so you don’t always have to be physically present to attend to administrative duties. This takes a load of administrative work off your shoulders so you can work much more efficiently.

Pricing for Appy Pie’s plans starts at $16 for the basic setup.


  1. Automation
  2. Chatbots and AI
  3. No-code app builder
  4. Design tools

How To Choose The Best App For Your Church

How To Choose The Best App For Your Church

The truth is there are numerous apps for church use, even though each one focuses on certain features. However, no matter what you’re looking for in a church app, certain criteria must be met, especially if you have a digital strategy. Plus, you should know what to look out for to find the best church app that suits your needs.

With that said, below are five criteria to look out for to help you choose the best app for your church:

Ease of Use

Before you choose an app for your church, you must check how easy it is to operate. The church app you select must be easy for you to use and easy for your church members to navigate.

Some signs of easy-to-use church apps include options for demos or tutorials about navigating the app. You should also look out for apps that don’t need you to do most of the work. The goal is to find a church mobile software that’s accessible and easy to use while maintaining its effectiveness.

Platform Support

Another vital factor to consider is how well the app performs with other platforms. For example, it’s possible to set up an application that would work only on Android devices and not IOS or Windows. And with how digitally diverse the church population is, it’s paramount that you consider the platforms the apps support.

A versatile and flexible church app should be able to perform optimally across most devices, including Android, IOS, and Windows.

Cost Effectiveness

In simple terms, cost-effectiveness defines how much value you get for your money rather than how cheap the service is. In turn, this value tells you if the service is worth it or not.

Considering the cost-effectiveness of a church app before choosing it prevents you from making rushed decisions. And it ensures you stay within your budget and still get the value your church needs.

Integration with other Software

While building your church management system, you must use an application that integrates effectively with other management apps. For example, the app can integrate with Google Calendars for event planning and Slack for collaboration.

Church phone apps that integrate seamlessly with other software are more versatile, reliable, and flexible in delivering their services. To this effect, it’s always important to check how well a church app integrates with other software to ensure you get the best services.

Media Features

Of course, you can’t have a church application without media capacity. To a large extent, video and audio media play a crucial role in improving your users’ experience while they navigate the church app.

Furthermore, to broadcast services, meetings, or even pass messages, you need mass media features. So, it is only fitting that you evaluate how efficient the app’s media capacity is before making your choice.

Below is a table comparing the 9 best church apps we’ve listed in this article.

PlatformEase of UseCustomer SupportOther FeaturesPricingScore
Go Church App4.
Appy Pie4.

The ratings mentioned above are from

Setup Your Church Texting Service Today

As time passes, modern-day technology evolves at an astonishing pace. With this evolution comes streamlined church services with less hectic administration systems. And the truth is, it only gets better from here.

As 2024 rolls in, it’s advisable to join the train of digitized churches by using a church app like DialMyCalls. With this mass church texting service, you can boost your church administration and widen your reach. Also, it lessens the weight of church management since you simply have to set it up, and you’re ready to go.

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