"I am a youth minister and have spent hours in the past calling students individually to remind them of an upcoming event or to get out an urgent announcement. With DialMyCalls.com, I cut that time down to about 1 minute. I also love how I can see exactly who answered live and how long they listened so I know if they heard the whole message. DialMyCalls.com is the best website I have stumbled upon all year! Thanks!"

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Feature Updates: What’s New With DialMyCalls (July 2021)

Posted by Tim Smith in General Post on July 20, 2021

What's New - July 2021

July welcomes a huge new update to DialMyCalls’ pricing options. We have added in a brand new way to utilize our mass notification system in the form of our Premium Monthly Plan. Loaded with a plethora of features, including MMS, our premium credits plan is extremely popular and customers are already raving about them. Let’s take a look at all three pricing options below to see which best fits you:

Premium Monthly Plan

Our brand new plan is a hit already with members no matter how many contacts they have to send messages to. The Premium Monthly Plan is perfect if you have to change out contacts throughout the month as you receive a monthly allotment of credits to utilize – don’t worry if you run out of credits you can continue to use the service and will just be charged overage.

The Premium Monthly Plan starts at just $9.99 per month with several different options available depending on how many phone calls, text messages and emails you will be sending out throughout the month.

Premium Credits Plan - DialMyCalls

In addition to being able to add/remove contacts throughout the month, the Premium Monthly Plan will also include a ton of features:

Texting Features Included In Premium Monthly Plan

  • Toll-Free Number – Receive a free toll-free number to send out text message broadcasts to your contacts.

SMS Enabled Toll-Free Vanity Number - DialMyCalls

  • 2-Way Texting + Inbound SMS – Create 1-on-1 conversations with customers, employees, volunteers, or more with our 2-way texting platform at no additional cost. ($19.99/month value)
business sms two way texting chat
Above Image: Sample two-way texting conversation in DialMyCalls.
  • MMSMMS is only available on a Premium Monthly Plan and will require 2 credits per message to send out an attachment.
Sample MMS Message - DialMyCalls
Above Image: Sample MMS broadcast in DialMyCalls.
  • SMS Opt-in Widget – Have contacts opt in to receive your phone calls, text messages and email broadcasts by using DialMyCalls’ embeddable opt-in widget.
SMS Opt-In Widget - DialMyCalls
Above Image: Receive Opt-Ins via embeddable widget.
  • Landline Enabled Texting
  • Extended Length Texting

Calling Features Included In Premium Credits Plan

  • Conference CallingThe conference call service is simple and free to set up. Simply schedule a call, and inform all participants to call into the conference call line with an assigned PIN code.
Conference Calls - DialMyCalls
Above Image: Conference calling is included in Premium Monthly Plan.
Recurring Messages - Create New Broadcast
Above Image: Create recurring broadcasts from within DialMyCalls.
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Polling / Survey
  • Push to Talk
  • Push to Repeat
  • Push to Record
  • Push to Opt-Out
  • Text-To-Speech Recordings
  • Toll-Free Vanity Number

Standard Monthly Plan

Do you have a set list of contacts that you will be contacting multiple times per month? Our Standard Monthly Plans give you the option to choose a set amount of numbers that you can contact in the given period of time (monthly, bi-annual, annual). Standard Monthly Plans are perfect if you will not be swapping out contacts at all – customers can send their allotted amount of contacts up to 30 broadcasts per month. MMS is available for 4.5 cents per message when utilizing a standard monthly plan.

Standard Monthly Plan - DialMyCalls

Pay As You Go

Purchase a Pay-As-You-Go credits package if you want to send out a one-time broadcasts or scatter broadcasts throughout the year – Pay-As-You-Go credit packages start at $10 for 140 credits. Credits can be utilized to send voice broadcasts, text message broadcasts and email broadcasts – MMS is not available when using Pay-As-You-Go credits. For broadcasts, the credit breakdown is as follows:

Voice Broadcast: 1 credit = 1 call to 1 number with a 30 second message (each 30 second increment is an additional credit per contact)

Text Broadcast: 1 credit = 1 text to 1 number with 153 characters (each additional 153 characters is 1 credit per contact)

Pay-As-You-Go Credit Package - DialMyCalls

For more DialMyCalls pricing information and to find out more about how our services can benefit you, please contact support!