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How Efficient is Your Water Company Running?

Posted by Tim Smith in Emergency Notification on December 29, 2014

Water Company Tips

As a service provider for such an important element of daily living, managing a community’s water company is a complex responsibility. With considerations as important as water quality and delivery, along with development, you must have strong systems in place to manage your business efficiently and effectively. There are a number of ways to streamline your responsibilities that will give you the opportunity to focus your attention to building a stronger company.

At the Source

You may have a large office building to work out of, but the heart of your business is at the source of your water supply. Take a look at the on-site operations for areas of improvement. Quality control is the focus here, and you have standards in place that ensure quality but have you considered preventive measures?

How often are expert members of your staff walking the perimeter of your water source? Contamination can build slowly from a small issue. Oftentimes these small problems could have been prevented with early detection. By putting in the time and money on prevention, you could potentially be saving millions in the future.

Your Customers

You are providing an essential service to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. Are you up to date in communicating with them and understanding their concerns? To start getting more involved with your customers, create an engaging website that encourages them to register. Have systems in place where they can pay their bill conveniently, post questions to your company, and learn about your safe water practices.

Emergency Alerts

With access to customer phone numbers via opt-in, you can create a database that allows you to communicate with all of them at one time. This is critical in the event that a broken pipe causes disruption of service, or if there is a detected level of contamination at the source. With an mass notification system, such as DialMyCalls, a boil water alert message will be sent instantly to your customer’s phones, mitigating the risk of any individuals being harmed.

Effective Communication

Not only is a mass notification system more effective in an emergency, they are useful for all types of communication. With the integration of a service such as DialMyCalls, repair schedules, bill reminders and possible service disruptions can be shared with all of your customers in just a few minutes. This allows you the time you need to focus on the company.

Service Disruption

Regular maintenance of the pipelines and equipment should benefit your customers with minimal disruption of their water supply. How well organized is your maintenance department? This area should be run like a small government, with a number of check points in place to ensure without a doubt that every point in the transport system has been scrutinized. In a business like yours, early detection and prevention is the only way to make sure that your service is continual.

The Home Office

Having a dependable staff to work alongside with gives you the opportunity to delegate responsibility. Take the time to instill ongoing training in all departments so that they are always as knowledgeable as you are in what it takes to run a water company. Your focus is on finding better and more economic ways of providing water, being surrounded by a strong support staff will give you the time to do just that.

In every business there is always room for improvement. Look for innovative ways to make your water company more efficient, and you can begin to raise the quality of your water and the satisfaction level of your customers.