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Are you the leader of a hardcore online gaming clan or the Guild Master of an MMO guild looking for an easy way to contact your fellow players?

DialMyCalls offers a great solution for clan leaders and guild masters with its online gamer notification system. Whether you are a World of Warcraft guild master or a clan leader for a hardcore Modern Warfare squad, contacting everyone quickly and efficiently can be a pain in the you know what. With our easy to use mass voice / text messaging notifications you are able to reach all of your players in a matter of seconds. How exactly does it work?

The clan leader / guild master would sign up for an account at DialMyCalls. From that point they would import a phone number list of the players that they will want to contact. Once the phone numbers are in place, a customized voice / text message can be recorded and sent out to everyone instantly. Be the first guild to kill a boss in World of Warcraft or take the Xbox 360 / PS3 by storm with your Modern Warfare clan and melt face by using our mass messaging service to quickly assemble your group of gamers.

Don't be left in the other online gamers' dust, sign up for DialMyCalls today and begin reaping the benefits our of mass notification system for your clan / guild.  


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