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Stop Getting Ghosted in the Hiring Process

Posted by DialMyCalls Staff in Business Continuity on November 2, 2021

How to Stop Getting Ghosted During the Hiring Process - DialMyCalls

Today’s employment landscape for hiring managers and organizations is a new frontier, with the need for talented new employees at an all time high. That means it’s more important than ever to have a streamlined and repeatable hiring process to keep up with the pace. Adding to that a phenomenon, new to the business world, has started to crop up frequently in the hiring process. Ghosting.

When your organization puts a tremendous amount of time and effort into finding new employees, having an applicant drop off the radar midway through the interview process or even worse after an offer is made represents a substantial loss of productivity and time spent. One way that your organization can minimize this potential is through continuous communication with applicants via SMS text message.

Recruiters can use text messaging to follow up with candidates after an interview and keep them updated on the status of their application. Job seekers can also use two-way text messaging to request more information and ask questions about new job openings.

A good recruitment message means getting the hiring process started on a positive note. While potential candidates are inundated with emails, DMs, and app notifications, a well-crafted text message can cut through the clutter.

Text Recruiting Templates

Using templates for hiring employees will help you to streamline the recruiting process, allowing you to reach out to more candidates while saving time by reusing your best templates in future recruiting campaigns. Here are a few examples of what those might look like:

Engage Prospects

Hey [name] I saw that you [accomplishment] and wanted to congratulate you! Our company is always looking for people with your skillset. If you have some time to talk about opportunities let me know!
Hello [prospect name] this is [name] from [organization]. We have a new position open in our [name department] and I think you’d be perfect for it! Check out the job listing here [link] and let me know what you think.

Schedule Interviews 

Hi [prospect], it was great speaking with you earlier and we’d like to sit down with you for an interview for [position]! Let me know if you’re interested and I will send over a link for you to schedule it. Thanks!
Hello [prospect] we appreciate your interest in [position] and want to schedule an interview! You can find a time that works for you here [link] We can’t wait to hear back from you. Thanks!

Re-Engage Applicants

[Prospect], we haven’t heard back from you about scheduling an interview for [position]. Let me know if you’re still interested or if you’ve found another opportunity. Feel free to text or call, thanks!
Hello [prospect], just a reminder that we have an interview scheduled on [date/time] for the [position]. If you need to reschedule let me know, otherwise we will see you then!

It might seem like staying in touch with potential recruits via text messages would be impossible, but using a service like DialMyCalls the burden of staying in touch with dozens of potential hires is made easy. When you discover that you can compose, send, or schedule text messages from your computer, text recruiting truly takes off.

The open rate of text messages is far higher than traditional email based approaches by a large margin. While email campaigns achieve around a 30 percent open rate, text message campaigns are in the 99 percent open range. On top of that, text messages are typically opened within 15 minutes of sending. This means faster responses with more engagement, allowing you to stay on top of the best candidates in the highly competitive hiring environment of today.

In order to keep your text messages most effective it’s important to stick to best practices when contacting candidates. Try to keep these things in mind:

  • Keep your messages short and simple. Job hunting can be a stressful experience for most candidates, so do your best to avoid lengthy messages.
  • Make sure you have gotten permission from any applicant to communicate with them via SMS. No one wants to have messages they might perceive as spam popping up on their phone. 
  • Pay attention to the timing of your messages. Sending a recruiting text message at the right time will also have a significant impact on success rates. Most applicants won’t want to receive texts outside of business hours. It’s typically best to reach out after the start of the work day and before noon.

Text recruiting is an excellent method for attracting top talent. It boosts the efficiency of any recruiting approach and promotes a great applicant experience while providing high open rates. Text message templates make these processes even easier, allowing your staff to focus on what matters most: creating relationships with applicants.

The more effectively you can do this the less likely it is that an applicant or prospect will ghost you somewhere along the process. Spend your time effectively and boost the retention of potential new hires with templates and text message communication from DialMyCalls. Sign up for a free account now!