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6 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using DialMyCalls for Surveys!

Top 6 Reasons For Your Business To Use DialMyCalls' Phone Surveys

If you’re running a small business, you should be performing regular surveys to understand the experiences of your customers – that’s just a fact. Surveys are one of the most powerful methods to obtain honest, truthful customer feedback, and track the overall performance of your business.

But what’s the best tool to perform surveys? There are dozens of online platforms, but these can be difficult to use, and usually require quite a bit of effort on the part of your customers. That means that you’re less likely to get much engagement – rendering your survey somewhat useless.

DialMyCalls, however, offers powerful survey functionality. By sending surveys via SMS text message and phone call directly to customers who have opted-in, DialMyCalls can provide an unparalleled level of consumer engagement, and allow your business to benefit from the feedback of your customers!

Read on, and learn about the top 6 reasons that your business should be using DialMyCalls for surveys.


Feedback - Business Phone Surveys

1. Get Honest Feedback From Past Customers

There is nothing more powerful than honest feedback from your past customers. Whether it’s good or bad, customer feedback allows you to improve your business, and see how well you and your staff are doing.

And because DialMyCalls makes it simple and easy to obtain feedback from past customers, you can count on a strong engagement rate! Your customers will be able to quickly and easily respond to your surveys, and they’ll give you the honest truth about how well your business is performing, and where you could improve.

By using this feedback – whether good or bad – to improve your business, you can gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, and have a better understanding of the overall performance of your company.


Data - Business Phone Surveys

2. Gain Data That Can Be Used to Identify Problem Areas in Your Business

Sometimes, your business may be experiencing issues that you’re not even aware of. Maybe you’re a sales manager and you know that you’re selling well to customers, and that they’re satisfied – but your customer service department is falling behind.

If you never interact with customer service, it can be difficult to recognize this. But when you use a survey from DialMyCalls, your customers will be able to quickly communicate what’s going well in your business – and what specific areas you can improve.

Even if your business is excelling in every department, customer feedback is still a valuable resource – there’s always room for improvement!


Customer Insight - Business Phone Surveys

3. Learn New Ideas From Customers

You may be an expert at running your business – but your customers are experts at using your services! This means that they may have feedback and ideas you didn’t anticipate.

After all, your perspective as a business owner is always a bit biased, and you never can truly think like a customer. This means that customers can provide you with feedback and ideas that you never really thought of – ideas that can really improve your business!


Loyalty - Business Phone Surveys

4. Increase Customer Loyalty to Your Business

Customers love interacting with companies that value them, and customer loyalty can be significantly boosted with a smart survey program. Surveys indicate that you’re always interested in customer feedback – whether it’s good or bad.

This makes customers feel more valued, especially if their advice or feedback is put into action. Dedicating yourself to customer satisfaction in this way is a fantastic way to increase customer loyalty, and make your regular customers feel appreciated.

You can even consider offering special deals and offers to customers who respond to your surveys. You can send out coupons for discounted services or products, or give your survey respondents gift cards or store credit!

This will further increase customer loyalty – not only are you showing that you care about customer feedback, you’re willing to reward your best customers for their time!


Demographics - Business Phone Surveys

5. Find Out More About Customer Demographics

When marketing your business, it’s critical to know your typical consumer, and their demographics. By doing so, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns – while reducing your overall spending.

However, it can be difficult to gather this data at a low cost – and often, you must rely on a significant deal of guesswork. However, surveys from DialMyCalls allow you to reach your current customer base quickly and efficiently.

By surveying your existing customers and asking questions about their income, level of education, place of residence, and other demographic information, you can gain a concrete picture of your current customer.

This allows you to refocus your marketing efforts on the consumers you already attract, and provides your business with valuable information that can be used to attract more customers in key demographics.


Competition - Business Phone Surveys

6. Evaluate the Competition

You’re never your customer’s only choice. Whether you run a spa, an auto shop, a restaurant, or a food truck, you’ve got competition – that’s a guarantee.

So don’t ignore the competition! You can use a phone survey from DialMyCalls to quickly and easily survey customers, and evaluate your competitors. You can easily ask customers what other services they use, find out why they’ve chosen the competition in the past, and learn more about what attracts your consumers to the competition!

This allows you to gain valuable insight into the overall performance of your business, as compared to your competition. Using this insight, you can more fully understand the market of your business, and increase the attractiveness of your company to consumers.

Use DialMyCalls to Perform Business Surveys – And Watch Your Company Thrive!

DialMyCalls makes it easy to perform customer surveys, and our customer support team is always here to help you if you need any advice or information while creating surveys for your business!

And with our low-cost SMS, email, and voice messaging options, it’s easy and cost-effective for your company to run powerful surveys, and gain valuable insight into your business operations!

So don’t wait. Start taking advantage of the power of customer surveys today – with DialMyCalls!