Promote DialMyCalls To Earn Free Broadcast Credits

Version 2.0 of DialMyCalls has implemented an all new system that allows our loyal members to earn free credits or cash.

Our members are extremely important to us and we continue to add loyal users to our service each and every day. Word of mouth is still by far the best promotional tool for any business which is why we have created incentives for our customers to earn free credits - simply promote DialMyCalls and you can earn broadcast credits or cash!

How exactly do you earn credits for your DialMyCalls account? You will need to log in or if you are a new member, create an account and log in to get started. From there, click on the "Earn Credits" button pictured below:

All you have to do now is complete one or all of the following promotions to earn credits on DialMyCalls:

Method One - Make A Post On Facebook

  • Social media has taken over the internet and DialMyCalls has an amazing community of members on our Facebook page. Help promote our mass notification service by posting a message on your Facebook wall and you will be instantly earn 25 credits.

Method Two - Refer Friends

  • Tell all of your friends and family about DialMyCalls and how useful the service is to you. For each friend that joins based off of your referral link, we will add 50 credits to both of your accounts!

Method Three - Cash Or Credits Program

  • Members can earn cash by creating a unique DialMyCalls coupon code and promoting our site. Utilizing this method, members can earn $1.00 for every person that signs up for an account and verifies a phone number - if they buy credits you will receive another $5.00. Your cash or credits balance can be used to purchase broadcasting credits or you can cash out and we will mail you a check.

Method Four - Submit A Testimonial

  • Share your DialMyCalls experience with us and we will reward you by adding 25 credits into your account. All testimonials are reviewed and approved or denied by our staff - all approved submissions will receive the free credits.

Log in to your account to help promote DialMyCalls and start earning free credits today! Don't worry, if you have not signed up for a DialMyCalls account yet, please visit the sign-up form to get started.

DialMyCalls Now Offers Free SMS Keyword To Every Member


Members of are now able to utilize our text message broadcasting without having to pay for an SMS keyword.

The launch of version 2.0 of brought forth a completely redesigned interface as well as a plethora of new features for our members, both new and old. One great feature that we announced is that every member who is using the new version of our mass notification system will receive one SMS keyword at absolutely no cost - that's right, the first keyword you register is on the house!

What exactly is an SMS keyword and how can it be used? DialMyCalls offers both a voice broadcasting service as well as a text message broadcasting service - the free keyword is utilized as an identifier when sending out text messages. Think of it as a caller ID but instead of a phone number it displays a unique keyword that allows your recipients to recognize who the text is being sent from.

An SMS keyword will not only be a unique identifier for your text broadcasts, it can also be used to create a list of subscribers. For example, a church can put the following in their weekly bulletin:

"Text the keyword 'MYCHURCH' to 80123 to receive weekly prayer quests via text message."

Church members that text "MYCHURCH" to 80123 will then be added to a contact group that is created in the DialMyCalls account for that church. The church can then go in and set up a prayer request via text that will be broadcast each week to all of those members that opted in to their keyword.

In the past, DialMyCalls charged $4.95 per month for a keyword but that is not the case anymore - every account on version 2.0 of the site will receive the first keyword at absolutely no cost. If members choose to have multiple keywords, each additional keyword will cost $4.95 month.

To check the availability of a specific keyword, head on over to our Texting Page Now!

Are you ready to utilize the free SMS keyword that DialMyCalls now offers? Create an account today to start sending out text message broadcasts!

Santa Calls Spread Holiday Cheer During 2013 Christmas Season


For the third year in a row we have teamed up with Santa Claus to deliver personalized gifts in the form of free Santa calls to children all across the United States.

Last year DialMyCalls and Santa Claus sent out over 30,000 personalized greetings to children. We are proud to announce that our annual Christmas event has returned and is better than ever - we are on track to send out over 100,000 calls from Santa this holiday season!

This year parents can send up to three (3) personalized calls from Santa Claus per household - additional calls may be purchased for a small fee. Put a smile on your child's face when they pick up the phone and hear Santa Claus on the other line - help us spread joy this holiday season by setting up a personalized call from Santa!

DialMyCalls is extremely grateful that Santa Claus has been able to take time off from delivering presents to call children all across the United States. Parents, you are able to schedule a call from Santa Claus through December 26, 2013 at which point in time good ole' Saint Nick will retire until next year!

Help celebrate Christmas 2013 and put a smile on a child's face today by scheduling Free Santa Calls!

Celebrate Cyber Monday 2013 With 72 Hour DialMyCalls Sale


Cyber Monday 2013 has arrived and is celebrating by offering 20% off of all credit packages or the first month of our monthly plans.

Members, new and old can benefit from our 2013 Cyber Monday sale which will run through December 4, 2013. There are no coupons or special codes required - simply log in to your DialMyCalls account and you will see that all of the prices have been slashed by 20%.

Whether you are a small church looking to send out prayer requests or a sports league wanting to send out team reminders, DialMyCalls offers the perfect voice and text message broadcasting solution for you. Once signed up, simply add a list of contacts, create a recording, take advantage of our Cyber Monday sale, and then send out your call or text to all of your contacts in seconds.

All DialMyCalls members*, new and old are eligible to receive the 20% Cyber Monday discount. The sale will end at 11:59 p.m. EST on December 4, 2013 - credits never expire so the time is now to take advantage of the sale and buy in bulk!

Sign up for a DialMyCalls account or log in to your existing account to take advantage of our 72 hour Cyber Monday sale!

*Members who already receive the 20% non-profit discount or 15% school discount will not receive an additional 20% off.

Use DialMyCalls And Comply With New 2013 TCPA Rule Changes


As of October 16, 2013 the FCC and TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) have revised the rules in place regarding unwanted autodialed and/or robocalls.

We met with the FCC and are under the impression that the majority of DialMyCalls members do not need to worry much when it comes to the new TCPA regulations as they have been and will remain in compliance. Members such as churches, non-profits, sports leagues and other organizations that utilize our voice and text message broadcasting service to send out "informational calls" need not worry - the new changes directly target telemarketers and sales calls.

You should still make sure that you have expressed permission when calling members of your school or organization and always have an opt-out procedure in place. This way people who no longer wish to receive your messages can be removed from your contact lists and added into your DialMyCalls "Do-Not-Contact" list.

DialMyCalls has always taken a firm stance on not allowing any kind of unsolicited or sales messages to be sent from our system. We will continue to notify and terminate any accounts found attempting to send any type of sales messages from our system.

Customers sending political calls should be aware that you are no longer allowed to send any kind of political calls to cellphones without expressed consent. You should make sure you use a carrier lookup service to remove any cellphone numbers from your voter lists before sending messages.

Changes to the TCPA regulations directly affect members using voice and SMS text messages for marketing purposes. What does this all mean to you and your DialMyCalls marketing account? To put it simply, as long as you read and comply with the new rules then you are free to continue using DialMyCalls. What exactly are the new TCPA rules and how do they affect "sales calls"?

New TCPA Rules (Effective October 16, 2013):

Rule #1 - Prior Written Consent: Unambiguous written consent required before telemarketing call or text message.

Compliance with the E-SIGN Act satisfies this requirement, meaning that electronic or digital forms of signature are acceptable (i.e., agreements obtained via email, website form, text message, telephone keypress or voice recording).

Consumer consent must be unambiguous, meaning that the consumer must receive a "clear and conspicuous disclosure" that he/she will receive future calls that deliver autodialed and/or pre-recorded telemarketing messages on behalf of a specific advertiser; that his/her consent is not a condition of purchase; and he/she must designate a phone number at which to be reached (which should not be pre-populated by the advertiser in an online form).

Rule #2 - No "established business relationship" exemption: Established business relationship no longer relieves advertisers of prior unambiguous written consent requirement. Advertisers will have to obtain written consumer consent, outlined above, even if they previously had a business relationship with the consumer.

The TCPA is able to fine violators between $500-$1500 for each unsolicited call or message. In determining the final amount of statutory damages to award, courts analyze whether the defendant "willfully" or "knowingly" violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

DialMyCalls must express that the information provided in this blog is entirely for informational purposes and in no way should be utilized as legal advice. To ascertain whether or not your marketing calls or text messages are in compliance with the new and existing TCPA rules, it is recommended that you seek advice from an attorney who specializes in telemarketing and FCC laws.

DialMyCalls Training: New Public Webinars Are Now Live!


We are proud to announce that we have just launched our brand new online webinar training to introduce DialMyCalls to everyone.

Customers, new and old, can now visit DialMyCalls' brand new webinars page and sign up for a crash course on how to send out voice and SMS broadcasts through our completely web-based system. Each week one of our staff members will be giving in-depth training sessions on how DialMyCalls can be used to simplify calling hundreds to thousands of people.

Our newly revamped online training webinars will walk customers through setting up an account from start to finish. By the time the tutorial is finished, members will be able to add contacts, create recordings and send out call or text broadcasts with the click of a button - additional features will be discussed in detail as well.

In addition to the two general DialMyCalls webinar sessions each week, we will also be hosting monthly sessions for specific groups such as churches & religious groups and team sports - private corporate training sessions are available upon request.

Learn how to start using DialMyCalls to send out mass notifications today by signing up for one of our weekly webinar training sessions! For a complete list of all of our sessions, please take a look at the official DialMyCalls Webinar Schedule.
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