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How Hotels Are Using Text Messaging to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Top 7 Hotel SMS Text Message Tips

The hospitality industry has, historically, been somewhat slow to adapt modern technology. The size, scope, and relatively low profit margins of the business make it hard to adapt to change - even in large hotel conglomerates.

However, there's one area where hotels are using advanced technology to the benefit of both themselves - and their guests. SMS text messaging.

SMS broadcasting offers hotels a quick, easy way to send important information to their guests - and when implemented correctly, guests can also respond to hotel messages. This streamlines communications dramatically, and can lead to a much better customer experience.

Let's take a look at how hotels are using text messaging to increase communication capabilities, and improve customer satisfaction.


Reservation Reminders - Top 7 Hotel SMS Text Message Tips

1. Reservation Reminders

Most guests are not likely to forget about their trips - but reservation reminders are still a handy way to remind guests about their stay in your hotel, and offer them other value-added services.

You can ask guests when they anticipate arriving, whether they'll require a car to get them at the airport, if they're interested in having a beverage upon arriving at your hotel, and other basic questions.

These questions allow you to personalize their customer experience. In addition, sending a reservation confirmation via SMS makes it easy for a customer to access it when they actually check in. This reduces the burden on your front desk staff, and can help make guest check-ins more fast and efficient.


Event Alerts - Top 7 Hotel SMS Text Message Tips

2. Alerts About Upcoming Events and Specials

Whether you have a guest staying for work or play, chances are they're not totally familiar with the area. SMS text messages provide hotels with a non-intrusive way to inform guests about special events around town, shows that are popular among other guests, and other recreational activities.

You can even inform guests of things like the weather and traffic conditions every morning - this makes it easy for them to enjoy their stay, and plan for their day.

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DialMyCalls Case Studies – The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (Emergency Notifications)

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - Emergency Notifications


DialMyCalls offers an emergency notification system that is used by tens of thousands of  organizations all across the United States and Canada. Customers rely on our emergency service to send various emergency notifications such as employee alerts, evacuation notices, extreme weather alerts, and much more. Let's take a quick look at how The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas utilizes DialMyCalls:

Why Did The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Need an Emergency Notification System?

In the case of an emergency at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, they wanted the ability to notify approximately 5,000 employees and partners quickly and efficiently.

Why Did The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Choose DialMyCalls?

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas liked the interface DialMyCalls offers as it was very easy to use. Our site was focused and specific on its functionality for their use.

What Features Do The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Utilize?

Ease of use has been critical since they have many admins at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas they had to train on our emergency notificaiton system.

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DialMyCalls Case Studies – Wilder Balter (Community Reminders)

Wilder Balter - Community Reminders


DialMyCalls offers a community reminder service that is used by thousands of neighborhoods and property management groups all across the United States and Canada. Communities rely on our service to send out important notifications to residents such as, road closure notices, rent reminders, event notifications, boil water alerts, property inspection reminders, and much more. Let's take a quick look at how Wilder Balter utilizes DialMyCalls:

Why Did Wilder Balter Need a Community Reminder System?

Wilder Balter had each property manager typing up messages and hand delivering them to residents which consumed a lot of time and resources. The search for an easier solution to notify all residents brought them to DialMyCalls' community reminder service.

Why Did Wilder Balter Choose DialMyCalls?

Wilder Balter liked the features that DialMyCalls offered. They love sending out a phone blast, hitting everybody without having to go door to door.

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Useful Ideas for Starting a Neighborhood Crime Watch Program

Top 5 Neighborhood Crime Watch Tips

Communities all over the United States have formed their own protection brigades against crime. These Neighborhood Watch Programs are designed to cut down on crime by having members of the community patrolling the streets. Fully supported by the National Sheriffs' Association, Neighborhood Watch Programs have been protecting our streets for over four decades.

Communities that are experiencing a sudden surge of crime will often band together to form a Neighborhood Watch program. If you are considering starting a neighborhood watch program in your community, here are a few tips to help get it off the ground:


Plan First Meeting - Top 5 Neighborhood Crime Watch Tips

1. Plan Your First Meeting

This is important to ascertain the level of interest in a Neighborhood Watch program from other community members. Include as many community members as possible, including renters, teenagers and local businesses. Successful Neighborhood Watch programs rely on members from all parts of the community.


Pick Captain - Top 5 Neighborhood Crime Watch Tips

2. Pick a Captain

This should be a respected community member who is willing to be in charge of the neighborhood watch program. Look for someone who is a self-starter and able to delegate assignments and tasks.

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DialMyCalls Case Studies - VirtualSC (School Notification System)

VirtualSC - School Notification System [Case Study]


DialMyCalls offers a school notification system that is used by thousands of schools all across the United States and Canada. Schools rely on our service to send out a plethora of automated notifications such as report card reminders, snow day calls, weather alerts, parent notifications, academic reminders, and much more. Let's take a quick look at how Virtual South Carolina, a program of the South Carolina Department of Education, utilizes DialMyCalls:

Why Did VirtualSC Need a School Notification System?

VirtualSC needed to give their teachers the ability to easily send academic calendar reminders to all their students --- DialMyCalls was the perfect solution to handle the amount of teachers VirtualSC has employed.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Youth Sports League Today!

Top 4 Youth Sports League Improvement Tips

Running a youth sports league can be difficult. Whether you're a coach in charge of your school's youth sports programs, or a staff member at a third-party youth sports organization, you've got a lot on your plate.

This means that, all too often, youth sports leagues suffer from focusing only on the short-term. You're so focused on the next game, the next practice, or the next event that you have no time to think about long-term improvements to your league.

And we understand that - it's difficult to look ahead when there's already so much going on. So, to help take the pressure off, we've put together a list of four ways that you can improve your youth sports league and provide a better experience for all your little sportsmen and sportswomen!


Collaborate - Top 4 Youth Sports League Improvement Tips

1. Encourage Coaches to Collaborate

This is especially important if you're running a large youth sports league. If you can manage to get all of your coaches together to talk about coaching strategies, practice techniques, recommended drills, and other topics, you can increase the overall quality of your coaching - and this leads to a better experience for the kids in your youth league!

Don't encourage an atmosphere of hostility or competitiveness among coaches and their teams. You're there for the kids - and coaches in youth leagues should be more like camp counselors than drill instructors. Coaches are meant to help their kids improve and succeed, but at the end of the day, you're all on the same team.

So encourage coach collaboration in your youth league. It's especially helpful if you have inexperienced coaches in your league, who can always use advice from seasoned veterans.
A coach's dinner at the beginning of the season each year is a great way to do this - get every coach together, and they'll start talking shop almost immediately!

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